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USA City Breaks

Discover the bright lights of America's cities

The USA has mesmerising cities in abundance, making it the ideal choice if you’re seeking the bright lights and bustling atmosphere of a city break. Whether you want to culture, shopping or nightlife, we can help arrange a personalised city break.

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Discover USA City Breaks

The US offers some of the best city breaks available anywhere in the world, whether for short stays or as part of a multi-centre trip, escorted tour package or self-drive adventure. Cities such as New York, Chicago and Boston are already an extremely popular destination for US city breaks, but with numerous transatlantic services available, more cities than ever are available for short-stay options.

Many cities also make fantastic bases from which to embark on or complete a longer touring holiday, whether in the north eastern or southern states. American Sky works with a fantastic range of leading luxury hotels, local cruise and tour operators, car hire companies, as well as international airlines to offer the very best deals for its customers.

Best USA city breaks


The largest city in New England and the capital of Massachusetts, Boston is one of the oldest cities in the US with a heritage that dates back to 1630. It still retains many of its European links to this day and hosts one of the most popular St Patrick’s Day celebrations in the world.

Las Vegas

The bright-light city that sets souls on fire, Las Vegas, Nevada has always embraced and embodied the spirit of living an outrageously loud and lavish lifestyle. Its casinos, nightlife and live music events are some of the best in the world and each year Las Vegas attracts both high rollers and low-cost holiday seekers alike.

Los Angeles

LA is a hugely diverse city from the beaches of Santa Monica and Long Beach to the San Fernando Valley and the mountains of Sierra Madre. Holidays to Los Angeles enjoy the golden sunshine of California, a city overflowing with attractions to suit both families and couples.


An eclectic juke box of culture, Miami is as famous for its vibrant nightlife, excellent beaches and unique culture as it is for its deep sea fishing and Everglades tours.

New Orleans

A city known as much for its eclecticism as for its musical and culinary heritage, New Orleans holidays enjoy some of the very best attractions and atmosphere in America’s Deep South.

New York

The most popular city stop in the United States, New York is the centre of shopping, theatre, restaurants and nightlife.  Just a short flight away makes it ideal for a few nights on its own or the first stop on a longer trip.


As home to the Walt Disney World resort, Orlando can get sometimes overlooked. However, it offers a lot more with a blend of its own culture and surrounding towns that offer a more historical taste of the old Florida.

San Francisco

Linked by its two iconic bridges from Oakland in the east and the Golden Gate National Park in the north, the eclectic and vibrant San Francisco sits on a peninsula springing up from San Jose.

Washington D.C.

As home to the White House, Capitol Hill and being the capital of the US, Washington D.C. holidays enjoy a level of historical culture and political monuments that are second-to-none.

Best city breaks in Canada


Montreal, Canada is a beautiful collision of cultures and is renowned for its duality of cultural charm and energy. A holiday in Montreal is destined to be spectacular regardless of the time of year you wish to travel, and just as memorable as the city itself.


Sitting on the edge of Lake Ontario, Toronto is a central hub for Canada, always bustling with entertainment and culture no matter when you visit.


Vancouver is a young, vibrant coastal city surrounded by magnificent mountain backdrops, a beautiful coastline and lush evergreen forests.

Planning a city break in the US or Canada in 2017 or 2018?

If you are planning a US city break in 2017 or 2018, American Sky can help you to organise your perfect holiday. Call our  US city break Specialists to make the most of your next holiday.

USA City Breaks Information

Our USA City Breaks offer a wide variety of things to see and do during your trip. Check out our travel guides for plenty of travel inspiration and tips from our American Sky experts to create the perfect holiday for you.

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