Cowboy journeying through Monument Valley, Arizona
Ranching Holidays
Hornbek Ranch, Florissant Fossil Beds National Park, Colorado
Buffalo roundup in South Dakota
Tanque Verde Ranch, Arizona
Herding the horses in the American Rockies prairies

Ranching holidays - Welcoming, engaging and enjoyable

Plunge right into a scene from a Western Cowboy movie riding on horseback through America’s rugged terrain and enjoy moonlit bonfires, BBQs and a true taste of pure Americana on a ranching holiday.

We have a wide array of welcoming ranches that can make your dreams of living in the wild west a reality in Texas and Arizona, as well as rustic ranches perched along the rugged Californian coast that offer a more mountain-style experience. All in all, our ranching holidays have something for everyone.

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A quintessentially American experience

A fantastic way to quickly get to grips with any landscape, pony-trekking is the quintessential Rocky Mountain experience. American Sky's ranching holidays provide travellers an authentic Old West adventure from the mountain passes of Colorado to the captivating deserts and plains of Utah and Arizona.

Whether you want to learn to ride at a relaxing guest ranch or would rather experience the full effect of a working ranch holiday where you can drive cattle American Sky can help provide the very best, tailor-made experience.

With daily horse riding and experienced guides and wranglers, a ranching holiday is a must for anyone interested in experiencing a small piece of the US' authentic Old West culture.

Ranching Holidays Inspiration
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Riding horseback on a ranching holiday

Experience an American ranching holiday

Want to feel like you're part of an old western film? We've got all the information on awesome ranching holidays!

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