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Inspiring guides for your holiday to Las Vegas

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada – so the sign goes. The dazzlingly ostentatious attractions dotted along the strip are sure to amaze and delight. With world class resorts and entertainment there really is no place quite like Las Vegas, carved out of the Nevada desert.

With so much to see and do in Sin City, our travel guides have plenty of expert tips on activities ranging from nightlife, dining, casinos and so much more to make your trip truly memorable.

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Top 10 things to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the ultimate party destination. Lavish yet inviting, this exhilarating city will be one you’ll want to return to again and again. There’s more to it than just casinos though – explore the aquariums, restaurants and zoos, too.

Head out on one of these top day trips from Las Vegas

While there is a ton to do in Las Vegas, when you want to get away from the bright lights of the big city, you’ll find a lot more than stark, barren desert land to explore. In fact, this area provides the opportunity for a wealth of fun day trips.

A true taste of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to a plethora of restaurants offering plenty of delights - here's our pick of the bunch, including decadent steaks and hot 'n' juicy style shrimp.

Pre-Bookable Excursions

See bird's-eye-views of the incredible, rugged landscapes of the Grand Canyon and more with these thrilling pre-booked excursions.

Car Hire

Find out the ins and outs of renting a car in Las Vegas should you want to venture further from the strip at your own pace.


There's so many classy restaurants to choose from, but here's the best restaurants to taste test during your trip to Las Vegas - we've chosen some for every budget!

Casinos and Hotels

It's no surprise that Las Vegas is well-known for its fabulous casinos. There's no need to gamble on which casino to visit, so we've got all the details for you.

Thrill Seekers

Love a bit of an adrenaline rush? These thrill-seeking excursions will be sure to get your heart beating faster, including diving with sharks and experiencing zero gravity.


Home to the largest Forever21 and H&M shops in the states and a plethora of designer wear, New York is not the only fantastic shopping district anymore.


Party on until the early hours with these great nightclub picks. We've even chosen a few entertaining theatres and live shows to check out, too.

Las Vegas Strip

Ah, the renowned Las Vegas strip. What allures people to this bright, bustling destination? We have the answers for you, and tips to having an unforgettable experience there.

Family Attractions

Come find out why Las Vegas is becoming a popular choice for family holidays, from family hotels, to exciting attractions and excursions suitable for everyone.

Useful Facts

Here are some of the useful facts you'll need to know before planning your trip to the bright lights of Las Vegas.

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