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Why should I consider Las Vegas car rental?

While some Las Vegas visitors won’t venture too far away from the Strip during their stay, many will want to travel to the outskirts of Nevada to witness sights such as Lake Mead National Park and the Hoover Dam.  Additionally, some may choose to sleep in a hotel located away from the 24/7 tourism-focused bustle of the centre for a quieter, cheaper and more ‘authentic’ Vegas experience.

Public transport – such as buses, shuttle cars and the city’s monorail system – can, of course, be used to reach many attractions on the outskirts of Nevada, but some holidaymakers prefer to avoid often hectic public transport while away. With the monorail costing $5 for a single journey (and $12 and $28 for day and three days passes respectively – Q4 2012 prices), this overhead can quickly add up. Grabbing a taxi cab is another travel solution, but rarely a cheap one.

Renting a car offers the greatest level of freedom and convenience for Las Vegas tourists, and is also more affordable than you might think.

How do I organise Vegas car hire?

Booking and paying for a Las Vegas car rental online is one of the best ways to save money. In fact, you can expect to pay almost double should you choose to settle the hire balance on location. You can, of course, choose to book a car at the last minute once you’ve arrived at your destination. However, this move does not assure the availability of your preferred vehicle, and you may have to return the car earlier than you might like to ensure that it’s ready for the following reservation.

Hertz is one of the best car hire companies to book online with when it comes to choice of vehicles, reliability and service. Zagat – an established food and travel guidebook publisher – conducted a survey in 2012 that saw Hertz rank first in these categories and thus overall popularity. You can choose to deal with Hertz directly or their hire services can be employed on your behalf as part of a holiday package. American Sky’s USA self-drive breaks, for example, include hassle-free car rental from the company, while our escorted tours of America will see someone driving you city to city using a Hertz-rented car.

Booking your hire car in advance means it will be waiting for you at its respective depot when you arrive in Vegas. Many of these depots are conveniently located at McCarran International Airport, so you can take the load off immediately by dumping your heavy cases in the trunk and heading straight to your chosen hotel. You can also drop in at these same depots to arrange an impromptu rental if required.

You should remember ID and a valid driver’s licence, which are required for car hire. Some companies also require you to pay a deposit, Hertz being one of these. Your deposit will be returned to you once the vehicle has been returned in the same condition in which it was issued.

Top Las Vegas spots to drive to

  • Grand Canyon West Rim (approximately 180 miles from the Strip): The Grand Canyon is a dramatic and awe-inspiring place to visit offering unrivalled site seeing opportunities at both the top and bottom on the Colorado River. Once you are onsite, there are opportunities to take helicopter tours for spectacular bird’s eye views. The West and South Rim are reachable by car, but are substantial drives at 3 and 5 hours respectively. American Sky offers excellent accommodation such at the Maswick Lodge, where you can stay over-night and spend less time on the road.
  • Hoover Dam (approximately 35 miles from the Strip): Once known as Boulder Dam, this concrete arch-gravity structure in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River is a colossal triumph of engineering, providing breath-taking vistas for over a million visitors each year.
  • Red Rock Canyon (approximately 15 miles from the Strip): With peaks reaching 3,000 feet, hikers and climbers alike will love this rose-tinged, rocky conservation area. This is also a beautiful spot for the less active to enjoy a picnic, and for nature aficionados to explore.
  • Valley of Fire State Park (approximately 50 miles from the strip): Less than an hour’s drive from the bustle of the city is this amazing ancient natural rock formation that is famous for its spectacular bright crimson colour. Opened in 1935, the park, set in 36,000 acres of stunning scenery, is considered to be the oldest in the state of Nevada. If you time it right, you may find yourself mixing with the stars, as the location has featured several movies including: ‘Transformers’, ‘10,000 BC’ and ‘Planet of the Apes’.

To discover more about American Sky’s Las Vegas holidays and car hire options, please call our expert team today.

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