Nashville skyline at night, Tennessee
Riverboat sailing down Cumberland River, Nashville, Tennessee
Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee
Nashville skyline, Tennessee

Inspiring guides for your holiday to Nashville

As the undisputed Capital of Country Music, Nashville also attracts gospel, blues and jazz to its over 120 music venues across the city. From the bustling honky-tonks on Broadway, iconic Grand Ole Opry and world-renowned Country Music Hall of Fame your never far from Nashville’s musical heritage.

For information on music attractions, live entertainment and strong dining options, head for our useful guides to get the most from your Nashville adventure.

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Top 10 music experiences in Nashville

Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, and even the King of rock and roll…Nashville has been home to a number of musical talents. Music enthusiasts will revel in the amazing country music attractions in Nashville, and here are some of our favourites.

Top 10 fine dining restaurants in Nashville

Think of Nashville, and we’re certain fried chicken and delicious BBQs come to mind. Go beyond the clichés though, and you’ll find that the city has a myriad of incredible fine dining restaurants. Come and find out our favourites.

See a live country gig in Nashville

Nashville’s famed for its live music, riddled with a dense history of musical culture, you won’t fail to find great country music all over the city.

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