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Bixby Bridge

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The Golden Gate Bridge
View of Big Bear Lake in southern California
Californian highway
Lake Tahoe
Los Angeles at night
Beautiful lake in Yosemite National Park
Palm Springs
Santa Barbara palms
San Diego skyline
Shell Beach in San Luis Obispo

California Attractions


No visit to California would be complete with stopping by one of the most famous locations in the world – Hollywood. Home to glitz, glamour and the creator of more memorable moments than anyone could count; this district in Los Angeles is well worth seeing for yourself. There are three boulevards in Hollywood worth check out – Hollywood Blvd., Sunset Blvd. and Melrose Ave. And, naturally, you can get star-struck and have your own Hollywood moment all at the same time with a trip down the Walk of Fame.

Death Valley National Park

While the name may seem somewhat horrifying, the reality is anything but – a combination of breath-taking canyons, volcanic craters and sparkling oases. This area gets exceptionally hot, so you should limit climbs and excursions to early morning or late afternoon.

Sequoia and Redwood Trees

They may not seem worthy of a spot in an attractions list, but wait until you see them – you’ll instantly understand the sheer beauty and gravitas they hold. Towering far above the landscape, these hold the record for being the tallest living thing on Earth (the redwood) and the most massive tree (the giant Sequoia). There are redwood parks now to protect these mighty trees – well worth a visit.

Lake Tahoe

Popular for recreation and leisure activities, Lake Tahoe is situated between California and Nevada. A stunning lake surrounded by towering mountain peaks, you can camp, boat and hike in this area.

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